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A Unique format


DETEC is not a traditional classroom training course.

It is modeled after executive education seminars from top MBA programs. The format of the course combines seminar-style discussion, dynamic presentations from experienced leaders, interactive design thinking workshops, and in-person events with tech executives and leaders across government. 

The fast-paced DETEC course will arm participants with an actionable plan to drive innovation across their organization. Participants will workshop their existing challenges throughout a three day program. Hands-on expert-led workshops help leaders identify the right tech solutions, lead effective implementation and measurement, and manage transformation across teams and stakeholders. 

Leaders will leave the DETEC program with practical knowledge, a tactical plan tailored to their organization, and an exceptional network of peers and coaches to provide ongoing support. 

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Understanding the Strategic Technology Landscape

  • Survey emerging technologies including artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, and cloud, and identify how these techologies matter to the mission today

  • Understand the dynamics and incentives for partnering with industry by studying the business models of the technology industry and cycles of private sector innovation

  • Identify areas of your mission to evolve and how to define problems to facilitate tech injection

Organizational Change and Driving Innovation

  • Utilize existing agency resources to accelerate innovation and tech adoption and begin to understand how to change culture, harness your workforce, and hire the right talent 

  • Learn how to put into practice some of the best commercial business methodologies, such as design thinking, lean startup, agile, and product management

  • Examine how to transform culture, de-risk innovation, and develop staff to create a forward leaning organization


Overcoming Internal and External Barriers

  • Identify procurement strategies for more agile and rapid adoption of tech

  • Design and prepare to deliver prototypes that launch in 2-3 months

Preparing for Tech Adoption

  • Identify the data and technology infrastructure needed in your organization and plan to evolve your current systems

  • Learn how to leverage cloud computing effectively and securely

  • Know how to ask the right questions of your technology leaders

  • Understand how to navigate and overcome complex compliance and security requirements

Adaptive Acquisitions: a comprehensive framework

  • Identify rapid, innovative procurement vehicles exist and how to leverage them, such as Other Transaction Authorities (OTAs)

  • Accomplish innovation goals using the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation (DFAR), such as FAR Parts 12 and 15

  • Learn to lead teams and innovation across disparate organizations, budgets, and programs

  • Hear case studies of missions supported by emerging tech within the federal government and study lessons learned from the experiences

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Optimizing Current and Future Technologies

  • Understand the current digital technology landscape and identify technologies that can be implemented TODAY

  • Engage with commercial technology leaders and venture capital firms to understand how to collaborate with the national security innovation base

Engaging effectively with the innovation base

  • Understand the impact of the culture, technological, and business gaps between government/DoD and private sector

  • Learn how to leverage research investments, a $3.8B untapped market, and hear how other international partners are investing in innovation

  • Understand the role of technology accelerators, incubators, and government programs for finding viable solutions

  • Hear how venture capitalists manage and view risk when making forward leaning investments

  • ROUNDTABLES: Meaningful discussions with venture capitalists and creators of some of the world’s leading emerging technologies to see the Art of the Possible.