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Q: Who is eligible to register?

A: Dcode offers the DETEC program at two levels: [1] General Officer (GO), Flag Officer (FO) and members of the Senior Executive Service  (SES); and [2] 05-06/GS14-15. 

Dcode offers a civilian program at similar levels. Please contact us for more info. 

Q:  where is the program?

A: DETEC is delivered at Dcode HQ - 2055 L St NW, 4th Floor, Washington, DC 20036.

Q: Who should attend?

A: Any leader seeking to better understand how new technologies can impact their mission, and how to implement those technologies in their organization. 

Q: Iā€™d like for others in my organization to benefit from this programming. Can they attend?

A: These sessions are specifically targeted to executive leaders and attendance is limited. If you are interested in a broader engagement beyond the DETEC program, please contact us.

Q: How do I register?

A:  Please visit the Defense Application or Civilian Application pages and complete the form. Once you receive approval, you will be notified by Dcode via email with registration confirmation and next steps.

Q: How do I pay for DETEC?

There are multiple ways to make payment: purchase card, contract task order, MIPR, ACH transfer, etc. Please contact us for more info.